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i'm not dead!


BIRTH NAME---veronika arlene
FUNERAL POSITION---Owner & Captain
WHY? (ORIGIN OF NICKNAME)---relevant lycia song
STAR SIGN---quadruple scorpio

My Favourite day: birthday
Favourite Up Song: "before three"
Favourite Down Song: "faith"
Part of my Body: parts my bathing suit covers
Most missed thing: youth
Dream: hauntings
Pattern: spirals
My favourite event: my funeral & burial
Things to do 1st thing in the morning: put on a hat and drive
Things to do last thing at night: put the CPU to sleep
Communist country: North Korea
Jewel: diamond
Animals: cat, crow
Flowers: white calalily, rose, wisteria
Drink: hot tea, bottled water
Taste: blueberry, rare meat, bubblegum, abalone
Reflection: in a coi pond
Comic: sandman, JTHM
Meal: ethiopian lamb stew with injera
Favorite building: Huntington Manor
Time of year: Spring
Favorite Favorite: Music

i'm not dead...either!


BIRTH NAME---sal sandoval
FUNERAL POSITION---merchandise beast
NICKNAME---the beast
WHY? (Origin of nick name)---several reasons, but originally i was called that when i reacted a certain way to a sucker-punch from a friend
STAR SIGN---libra

fav. day: the day I die
up song: "stand up and shout" by dio, or something like that
down song: depends on the mood, as long as it's dark and depressed it will do
body part: will take too LONG to decide, cuz it's too HARD
most missed thing: my soul and will to live
dream: the one from which I'm yet to awaken
pattern: esoteric ones, death's design
communist counrtry: disneyland
diactatorship: u.s., vatican city
democracy: demonocracy
animals: single-cell organisms, wolves, tarsins
flower: black rose
taste: blood
reflection: reflection
building: pyramids and ziggurats
artist: several throughout the ages
comic: parts of various
time of year: the coldest time
fav. fav.: none favourite

i'm not dead...either!


WHY? (ORIGIN OF NICKNAME)---my secret identity
STAR SIGN---Pieces
[intentional SP!]

Favorite day is Christmas
Favorite up song is “Hot Hot Hot!!!”
Favorite down song is “the Drowning Man”
Favorite wooden object is my almost untouched bass
Most missed thing is lost friends
Favorite pattern is paisley
Favorite event is the start of football season
Favorite thing to do first thing in the morning is sleep
Favorite thing to do last thing at night is cocktails w/ my girl
Favorite communist country is my office
Favorite democracy is France
Favorite jewel is the one in my ring
Favorite drink is martinis
Favorite meal is bulgogi
Favorite building is the Paris Opera Garnier
Favorite artist is Picasso
Favorite comic is Sandman
Favorite time of the year is winter
Favorite favorite is God