The history and mission of FUNERAL is a simple one. It was a dream...spawned from the death of another dream...

I started Wake over 10 years ago. I wanted to break away from the confines of the only gothic nightclub that was offered at the time. I was loyal, but there was much more music out there I wanted to hear and spin around to that wasn't being played. There were also bands that were gigging that weren't being seen nor heard enough. Our Gothic underground community was also changing. The Gothic scene, Once Upon a Time, was underground by default. It was becoming publicized, parodied, commercial and ultimately trendy. So, at age 19, I opened up my own nightclub, Wake..A New Experience... It was in every true sense underground (and I detest that word being used for events that are Not & just want to sound 'edgey' nowadays. Nothing's sacred.). We were open from Midnight til 6am. Creepy crawlies slunk all the way down to Costa Mesa from the glittery gutters of Hollywood to continue the drinking and dancing. Music was alive, dance was vital..the feeling was compelling. (I invite you to follow the link and read the History): Here's the Whole Damned Story.

Years passed and faded...Wake saw many different homes (much like Funeral). It's just not easy keeping something intimate away from our Supposed Authorities. So why the Hell would I continue to keep it down low in the underground? Simply for the aesthetic of it all: the feeling of it (something the spoiled rotten 25+ Hollywood "goth" crowd forgot about. Or never understood).

Years passed and faded...We all grew up. Some of us went away. Some of us went insane. Yet some of us just wanted to continue endulging in the atmosphere our music forged. So, in 2002, with the death of Wake, a thought struck. So many years have gone by: what about the new generation of GOTHIC? Where are they? I know, stuck in somebody else's "institutionalized learning facilities" filled with pretentious and shallow minds. I still knew what the kids of Gothic were listening to when they got home.

So another dream-home was born. FUNERAL. What comes after a Wake? a FUNERAL. It all made too much sense. It all seemed right. This is the Final burial place for Gothic undying menagerie of sound. An undying breed of passion..and fashion. Meant for those who want to "dress up, and mess up."

This is an ALL AGES nightclub because there is a new breed of Dark Angels that need sanctuary. There are still many of us who never lost the passion and love of the music that shaped who we are and were over a decade ago. There's a need for a place to submerse themselves in. There's a need for a place to see bands perform that will help define the ever-changing and evolving Subculture. I remember having that need of such a place. And 10 years later, still have it. I was disheartened to see that place die with age at Wake, but a little belief in reincarnation, and we'll be keeping it Alive (like death warmed-over) for a long time to come. 'Til Death Do Us Part. Thank you for reading...and everyone who is and who has ever been a part of this Story.

It's a Song and Legend...

Devotion and Love,

Veronika SoRRoW

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"The world is but a show, vain and empty, a mere nothing, bearing the semblance of
reality. Set not your affections upon it. Break not the bond that uniteth you with your Creator..."